CONCERTS 2019 & 2020

Beethoven – His Loves and Losses with Barry McGovern in Whale Theatre, Sat 18th of January at 8pm, 2020 www.whaletheatre.ie

Beethoven – Words and Music/NCH Chamber Music Series/ Barry McGovern,  9th of February at 3pm, 2020 www.nch.ie

Beethoven – Words and Music/NCH Chamber Music Series/ Sylvia O’Brien, Sun 23rd of February at 3pm, 2020, www.nch.ie

Beethoven-Words and Music/NCH Chamber Music Series/ Barry McGovern, Sun 8th March at 3 pm, 2020, www.nch.ie

Beethoven – His Loves and Losses with Barry McGovern in Model Theatre, ‘Con Brio’ Sligo Music Series 17th November at 3pm, 2019, www.themodel.ie



Crescent- A Festival of Irish Contemporary Music, Wexford , Green Acres, Sat 9th of November at 8pm, 2019, www.eventbrite.ie


In 2018 the trio had residency in the Whale Theatre, Greystones and presented a series of concerts including a ‘Beethoven Evening’ featuring the renowned Irish soprano Cara O’Sullivan in arrangements of Irish and Scottish songs and the atmospheric Ghost Trio Op. 70 no 1 in D major by Beethoven.


Upcoming engagements include a very original film music programme that includes music from The Pianist, Elvira Madigan, Barry Lyndon, The Leopard, Il Postino and The Godfather.



Hadyn’s Gipsy Trio and Dvořak’s DUMKY TRIO
The Degani Trio has recently released a CD of Haydn’s ‘Gipsy’ TrioDvořak’s ‘Dumky’ Trio. Other new releases available online include a Romantic Trio CD of Brahms & Chopin and a much acclaimed CD of Piazzola’s exuberant Four Season’s Trio tango music.


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